Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 19 - Pasua and a Quiet Afternoon

I slept in a little this morning. I am still feeling very tired from the safari and probably the lack of coffee too.

We went to work this morning and I went to the women/childrens ward where I was supposed to be working. I sat down and started reading the patients notebooks to get an idea on why each one of them was there while I waited for a nurse to show up. The nurse had still not arrived by the time I had finished reading. I must have been waiting for at least an hour! I am not sure who is supposed to look after the patients when the nurses disappear! I went for a walk to find out who was supposed to be working in the women/children ward but I couldn't find any nurses at all. I eventually found one and asked him where everyone was and he didn't seem to know. It was a bit strange. Sandy and I eventually settled into the antinatal clinic where we conducted physical assessments on the pregnant ladies.

I didn't do much this afternoon. I went into town for lunch because the Dadas were cooking maize for lunch and I hate it. Ally, Jenny, Leonie and I went to Deli Chez and I had an Indian meal. Indian food is particularly good in Moshi!

Tomorrow I am working in Labour and Delivery again. With any luck I may be able to assist in the delivery of another baby!

I am off to bed now. It is 9pm already and I really wanted to get an early night tonight as I have been so tired.

Love you all <3

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