Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 25 - Work, Sleep & Dinner Out

Well, not much to report today either. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and not feeling the best but I was still excited to go to work because I was rostered to work in labour and delivery. Aynsley and Sarita are joining us for the day again.

We worked with an older midwife by the name of Sister Steria Swai. She took well to sharing her knowledge and was a great teacher. She had a empathetic approach to the patients,which is somewhat unusual here, and took their privacy and dignity into consideration, which can also be unusual here.

Unfortunately no babies were delivered today however I did get to admit a patient who had attended the clinic with labour pains. I am guessing she will deliver some time through out the night. Unfortunately, the delivery is too far off for me to wait around for.

This afternoon I came home and had a sleep and then tonight I went out for dinner at 10 2 10 with Bellinda, Jenny, Ally, Henriikka and Sandy. I ordered the same Indian potato meal that I ordered from there last time as it was so good. Luckily I had heaps left over so now I have a doggy bag for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner I phoned a taxi to take us home. I told him we were at the restraunt called 10 2 10 and we needed him to take us home. We waited and he didn't come so I called again and he assured me he was coming. Again, he didn't show up. I called him a third time and he said he was waiting for us and I explained that we were waiting for him too but we could not see him. Eventually the waitress came out to see if we needed help and she spoke to the taxi driver for us. It turns out he thought we wanted to be picked up at 9:50 (10 to 10)! He arrived at the restraunt not long after that and we made it home safely :-)

Tomorrow Ally and Jenny will be visiting Pasua and I will be working in family planning.

Only one week until I am home now. I can't wait to see you boys! I love you <3

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