Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 24 - Just another work day...

Not much to report today.  Bellinda, Aynsley, Sarita and I headed off to Pasua. Aynsley and Sarita were hoping to witness a birth but unfortunately no babies were born today.

After work Aynsley, Sarita and I we went into town to Union Coffee for lunch. Sarita and I were a little shocked when we walked in and Aynsley pointed out a fellow mzungu and said "I know that guy. Hi Jake". Turns out he is a family friend and she knew he was in Tanzania but not that he was in Moshi. The chances of running into someone you know from home in Tanzania are pretty low!

The girls then did a little shopping and we went home and I washed laundry. I will definitely appreciate my washing machine when I get takes me about an hour to wash a small hamper of laundry by hand!

I am excited to be working in labour and delivery tomorrow!

Talk to you later. Love you. Miss you <3

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