Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 17 - Ngorogoro Crater and back to Moshi

Today was the forth and final day of safari.

We drove down into and around the crater. Again, we saw many of the same animals as seen previously. Just before we headed to lunch a lone black rhino was spotted! It was quite a distance away but we could see it well with binoculars.  We have now seen the big 5!

We stopped by a lake for lunch. We had to eat our lunch in the truck as the birds will steal your food. There was one couple there who had obviously not been told this by their guide as they set up a picnic blanket in a nice open grassy area but it wasn't long before they were being swooped by a heap of large birds! Also, as we ate our lunch a hippo popped up in the water in front of us. Adam assured us it was a well trained hippo and it wouldn't come out of the water to eat us.

As we left the crater to head back home we spotted a pride of lions walking along a hill in the distance. It was a nice way to finish our safari!

On the way home we stopped at a Maasai village. First they danced for us and then we danced with them. After that they showed us inside one of their huts. Unfortunately it was so dark inside the hut that we could not see a thing. The huts are very small and only have two rooms; one side for the boys to sleep and one side for the girls to sleep. Maasai men marry multiple women and one village is made up of one family. You can tell how many wives a Maasai man has by counting the huts in the village because a hut is built for each wife. An interesting fact we learned was that the Maasai only eat meat, milk and blood (apart from when we give young boys food!). They make their money through cattle/goats and jewellery so the family had jewellery on display for sale. I got each of you boys a necklace from their store. Zane, yours has a turtle on it!

We got home to Moshi at 7:30pm and had dinner. I am going to bed now as I have work in the morning and it is getting late.

Love you all <3

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