Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 1 - Materuni Waterfall

Good morning boys!

Well, yesterday started with another cold shower and no hair dryer...oh dear!

We had breakfast and then headed into town as someone needed to make a quick stop at the chemist. While we were there most of us waited in the bus. We noticed a young girl (probably about 8 - 10 years old) standing with her parents. She was favouring one of her arms and we could see that she had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hand and lower arm. The burn had probably happened in the past couple of days and was bad. It would have been hurting a lot but the young girl was very calm. I get the feeling that the people here have a higher pain threshold and are used to coping with difficult situations much better than me are.

We then headed off to the Materuni Water Fall. We had to trek down a narrow path to get to the waterfall. It was hilly and the veiw was amazing. The walk was hard (luckily I had taken my inhaler with me) but the waterfall was so beautiful it was worth it. We spent a few hours at the waterfall and had a picnic lunch. A couple of people went swimming but I only made it in to my knees. I would have loved to swim under the waterfall but the water was extremely cold and you know what I am like with swimming in cold water! We trekked back to the bus and stopped along the way to try some local beer at a shack/bar along the route. The beer is made from banana and millet and in my opinion tasted like vomit! When we got to the bus we were approached by an elderly lady. She could only speak Swahili but the tour guides were talking with her...they explained that she was telling us that she was Mary from the Bible. They were very amused and weren't buying her story!

We drove back through town to get home and stopped at a supermarket. The range of products and brand name groceries the have suprised me. Dad - They sell alcohol in the supermarkets and it is really cheap! Even cheaper than customs and I am told that each person can bring 2ltrs back into Australia.

After the supermarket we headed back home to relax for the afternoon. We had been back for about an hour when we realised at two of the girls were missing. Turns out we had left them back at the supermarket! Louis and Leonie went back to find them and found them drinking coffee at a cafe just waiting for us to realise they were missing as they had no way of contacting us. I think we will do a head count in future!

We had crispy fried fish, chips, rice and a cabbage and pineapple coleslaw for dinner. The food here is similar but very different to home. It is interesting but really good.

Today is Monday and we start orientation. I think todays lessons include house rules/routines and language lessons.

l will try to get some photos of the house for you today.

Love you <3

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