Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 13 - Morning Tea and a Birthday Dinner


We went by taxi to placement this morning. We were supposed to go by daladala but some of the girls complained and said they would rather wait until next week. I think they are being wusses! Although I will probably do it once and never want to do it again ;o).

I spent my morning in the antenatal clinic with Sister Karen and three of the student nurses. Nazmin kept me up to date with what was being said and I got to listen to fetal heartbeats, palpate the Mamas bellies to feel the position of the baby and measure fundal heights. I wasn't very good at feeling the position of the baby as I was to gentle and you need to push deeply to be able to feel anything. I am gentle because I remember how much it hurt when the midwives at home did it to me but if I am ever going to feel anything I will need to get over that.

Today was the local student nurses last day of placement at Pasua so Bellinda, Chioma, Sandy and I had taken biscuits and cake to share for a late morning tea before we left. The student nurses were very excited and really enjoyed the food.

I don't know why but I was feeling particularly tired today so after placement I went home and layed on the lounge and read my book.

At 6:30pm we went out to a restaurant down the road called 10 2 10 for Jenny's 50th birthday. The service was very slow and we did not start getting our meals until 8:30pm. There were a few different types of cuisine offered and I ordered from the Indian menu. I can't remember the name of the dish but it was potato stuffed with cheese and cashews. I also ordered steamed rice, naan bread and yogurt to go with it. The meal was delicious however the yoghurt didn't even arrive until I had finished eating! I was lucky though because I did receive all the dishes I had ordered...a lot of people didn't. When it came time for us to leave the bill added up to 80 000 shillings ($48.90 AUD) more than we had ordered and received! Louis spent 1 1/2 hours arguing over the bill without success so in the end we all had to put in extra money to cover it. It was a bit disappointing as all the meals were very good and we would have liked to return to the restaurant but it is not nice to feel you have been taken advantage of. Louis will return to the restaurant tomorrow to discuss the matter further with them.

Tomorrow I am going on safari for three nights. We leave here at 8am and I have not yet packed my bag so I will be up early in the morning to do that.

Good night, love you <3

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