Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 7 - Fabric Markets and Henna Tattoos


This morning after a sleep in, breakfast and a hot shower (that is two in two days now!) some of us went off to Kiboriloni Fabric Market which is basicly a dirt street with shacks on either side that sell fabric in the suburb of Kiboriloni. I bought two lots of fabric. One lot cost 20 000 shillings ($12.18 AUD) which I intend to take to a dressmaker to have a pair of pants and a bag made. The other lot was smaller and cost 7 000 shillings ($4.26 AUD) and I also intend to have pants made from them. Daphne, I also picked up a blue and gold scarf for you at the market. It is beautiful and so soft!

After the markets we went and had lunch at the Union Cafe. Leonie had arranged to meet an American friend there who she had met last time she was here. I couldn't resist the Bacon and Avocado Pizza for lunch again and also had a Coffee Milkshake. The coffee milkshake was good but not as good as their cappacinos!

After lunch Taz, Tash and I went down the road to see the Henna lady. She is an Indian lady and her house is just off the main street. We went into her home and she was there with her two sisters. They were very friendly and accomodating. They are Muslim and talked to us about some of their traditions and beliefs while asking us about Australia. The people in Tanzania are very accepting of each others religions and live quite happily along side each other without any problem. As far as I can tell there are many Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Catholics. I got two black henna designs. One on my right hand and one on my left foot. They cost 8 000 shillings ($4.87 AUD) each and we were told that they should last about two weeks.

After that we had a look in a couple of art galleries and then headed home.

Tomorrow I am going on a Kilimanjaro Coffee Tour. The tour is on Mt Kilimanjaro so while I am not doing the climb I can at least say I have been on the mountain! Some of the girls are doing the one day climb tomorrow but I am no where near fit enough to do that! I think we head off at about 8am so I will get up early so I can phone you. Boys, I will call you at about 12:30pm your time and Steve, I will call you after I have talked to the boys.

After the coffee tour I will need to come home and wash some laundry. I have been so busy since I got here that I havent washed any of my clothes yet and I am about to run out of clean ones!

Love you all <3

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