Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 9 - Pasua and Christmas Eve Dinner

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today started with breakfast and a hot shower (I am getting good at this!). 

We eventually headed off to Pasua; the taxi was late because Louis forgot to book it! The trip to work was a little more difficult than usual as the roads were very busy with people doing the last of their Christmas shopping - very similar but very different to home. It was a slow start at the clinic today. We thought it might be quiet considering it was Christmas Eve but we were wrong. It was actually busier than usual. We took some lollipops and small gifts to share amoungst the children while we were there today. The kids were really excited and I think the Mamas were just as excited! I got the impression that the nurse I was working with today didn't really want me to be there so I stayed as low key as possible while still trying to be helpful. I must say though that it is hard to stay low key when you are one of very few mzungu in the area...everyone notices you!

After work Aynsley, Sarita and I had lunch at Union Cafe and had a walk around town. The girls still had a couple of Christmas gifts to buy but I didn't get anything.

I had some spare time when we got home from shopping so I washed my laundry. There are no washing machines here so I had to wash them by hand. That is a lot harder than it sounds and I am worried that my clothes will be stiff and I will smell like Sunlight soap for the next week or so!

We all went out for dinner tonight as the three Finnish girls who are also staying at the TV house celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We went to a restaurant about 200m down the road called International Steakhouse. We were all very excited about having steak for dinner but once we got there we realised they were serving a buffet rather than the al a carte menu we had requested. We were also the only people in the whole restaurant! Unfortunately the meal was nothing special and pretty much what we have served for free in the house but it cost us 20 000 shillings ($12 AUD) each. The service was also extremely bad. Despite that, we had a good night together and sang Christmas carols after dinner.

I am now waiting up for you boys to wake up so I can be on Google video chat when you open your presents. I also have my present from Dad here ready to open with you!

Love you all and Merry Christmas <3

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