Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 11 - A sleep In and a Bike Ride

Happy Boxing Day!

Today has been very quiet. It started out with a sleep in after a late night last night and then I chatted with you boys before getting up. You boys have been so spoilt this year that I would not be surprised if you are now hoping I go away every Christmas!!!

I got up and had breakfast then went back to bed for a while. I hopped up again just before 12pm and had a shower before lunch.

After lunch Sandy and I went for a bike ride down the road to the small local grocery store. I had a little bit of trouble at first because the bike seat was way to high for me but I was okay once I got going. I will probably pay for it tomorrow because it was 1km each way and there was a hill involved!

The rest of the day consisted of doing not much at all. It was quite boring actually.

I am working in Labour and Delivery tomorrow so I am really excited about that. I am praying that there will be a delivery that I can assist with. My chances aren't great as Pasua is only a small clinic but you never know your luck :o)

Have a great day. Love you <3

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