Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 3 - Town tour and language lesson


Unfortunately today did not start with the hot shower, or even a warm  one for that matter, that I had hoped for! Apparently, when there is 20 people living in one house you should not wait until last to have your shower. I plan to be quicker tomorrow!

Louis gave us a tour of the town this morning. He showed us how to get around and the best shop for certain items. The first shop was a specialty shop where you can buy western products. We were excited to discover that the alcohol was even cheaper at this shop than the previous supermarket we have been visiting! We also visited the bakery. I say 'the bakery' because it is the only bakery in town that bakes and sells fresh bread. We tried a few products there. My favourite was the love bone (interesting name hey?!) which was very similar to our shortbread. We also visited the post office and Louis showed us how to buy postcards and stamps to post. As we walked through some areas of town we were hassled buy the locals trying to sell us stuff. It can be quite annoying but wasn't as bad as it is in Bali. We went through the fresh produce market where they sell fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Walking down the meat isle is quite an experience! It smelt really, really bad and there was a whole cow head sitting on a table along with all the guts. In Tanzania they eat the whole animal, nothing gets wasted. A couple of the girls were taking photos of the local ladies selling their produce in the market which didn't go down well. The ladies yelled 'no photos' and put their hand up to them. After the market we went to the Union Cafe. It is a new cafe and is well known amoungst Westeners. I bought a small cappuccino for 2500 shillings (which is about $1.50 AUD) and it was probably the best coffee I have ever bought from a cafe. I have decided I will be a regular there. My only problem is that I don't think they have soy milk...I will have to ask next time I am there.

After lunch we had another language lesson with Beatrice and then we were able to relax for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

I got some good photos today but I still haven't worked out how to upload them. I will try to workout how to do that over the next couple of days.

I was going to attempt to have a hot shower before bed but the power went out not long before I was going to have my shower. Unfortunately, you can't have a shower when the power goes out because the generator comes on to keep the lights going but it doesn't create enough power for the hot water system. I will have to try again tomorrow!

Tomorrow we have our workplace orientation. We will be taken to the clinic we will work in and meet the people who work there. We will also be shown how to get to and from the clinic in a daladala. I am half excited and half terrified about travelling to and from work in a daladala! Look it up on google images and you will see why...it is like a tin of sardines!

Kaleb, can you make sure Nanny has google chat on her ipad. I am going to try and call you at around 7pm if I can. I may not be able to so don't worry if I don't, I will just try again tomorrow. Also, make sure you have the ipad on and close by with google chat logged in so you can hear me if I do call.

Love you <3

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